Camping Checklist

Camping Check List

Scouting 10 Essentials

o Pocketknife

o First aid kit

o Extra clothing

o Rain gear

o Water bottle

o Flashlight

o Trail food

o Matches and fire starters

o Sun protection (sun screen and/or hat)

o Map and compass

o Class A Uniform

o Sleeping bag

o Pillow

o Air mattress/cot/bedroll

o Mess kit (with utensils)

o Bathroom kit

(soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, washcloth, towel)

o Ziploc bags

o Rope

o Insect repellant

o Boy Scout Handbook

o Sunglasses


o ____ Shirts (plus extra)

o ____ Pants (plus extra)

o ____ Socks (plus extra)

o ____ Underwear (plus extra)

o Jacket/Coat

o PJ’s

o Swimsuit

o Spare shoes

Cold Weather

o Layered Jackets/Sweats/Hoodies

o Gloves/Mittens

o Heavy/Wool Socks

o Hand/Foot warmers

o Hat

o Ear Muffs

o Scarf/Gator

Rx Labeling / Distribution

o Locked storage with ASM - including over the counter (allergies, vitamins, etc.)

o Be in original container, with camper name/troop #, prescribing physician, prescription #, date prescribed, name of medication, use directions.

o Event form on details of when to distribute meds to scout.


o Spending Money

o Paper/notebook & pencil/pen

o Chair

o Fishing gear

o Playing cards